After undergoing back surgery for scoliosis in 1999, I still had severe back pain, and postural problems. Physical therapy did not seem to help. After years of living with it, I decided to try massage therapy. I chose Blackstone Massage Therapy for its convenient location and good reviews. My experience there has been wonderful! I was able to bring in X-rays of my spine and describe areas of discomfort so that my treatment would be personalized to address my specific issues. After only one or two appointments, I noticed that my posture had greatly improved and my pain subsided, I am able to breathe more freely and am much more flexible. This is more than I could have hoped for. Additionally, pricing was quite reasonable for the amount of time and personal attention I received. For those people out there who experience back pain, but are skeptical about treatment with massage, I greatly encourage you to go try Blackstone.
—Kristen, Cumberland, RI

I've been going to see Chris since 2007! Not only have his massage therapy treatments made me feel physically better and perform at a higher level, but they have challenged me to find answers to physical problems that have troubled me most of my adult life… At first, I was skeptical when Chris told me that my issues would be resolved. But after the first treatment, I competed a swim workout and found my arms rotated in my shoulders pain free, with a range of motion I had never experienced. I continued with my weekly sessions and I found that the changes were remarkable. I became more and more flexible, for the first time being able to touch my hands palm flat on the ground. My hips remained fluid during long runs. Swimming was less of an effort because of smoother shoulder and arm motions. The sciatica disappeared. I felt good and my performances in short races improved dramatically… I was able to accomplish this due in large part to the massage therapy.
—Glenn Browning, Hope Valley, RI



I have been to several massage therapists and I can say categorically that Christopher Adamo is in a different league than anyone else I have ever seen. His understanding of the mind/body connection is uncanny. His ability to seek out physical problems and use his unique style to fix them is unparalleled. He has taught me how to manage my computer-related work stress and the muscle fatigue that results from it. If you need a massage, look no further than Chris.
—Joe Alper, Foster, RI

Christopher Adamo combines a strong yet subtle healing touch with an intensely professional manner that helps calm the mind as well as the body.
—Kevin McGee, Pacifica, CA

I had always thought that massage was an indulgence, but once I had the great opportunity to work with Christopher, I soon realized it is a necessary part of a healthy life!
—Matt Field, San Francisco, CA

A few years ago I was experiencing a lot of pain in my left knee... A friend recommended Christopher Adamo and his style of massage highly. The positive results were immediate and lasting. What was most interesting to me is that what I thought was remnants from an old ski injury turned out to be a tightness in my hips that was adversely affecting the way I walked and causing pain in my knee. Chris was able to help me solve my body's problems from the source!
—Camilla N. Field, San Francisco, CA