As a guitar player with some rigorous gigs, I had developed a recurring case of tendonitis in my right wrist, which a doctor and several visits to the physical therapist could not allay. I went to Giuseppe on the recommendation of a friend for a relaxation massage, and we started talking about my tendonitis. Giuseppe looked at my wrist and forearm, worked the arm as a whole for a minute or two, and then started concentrating on my upper back and shoulder, stretching and massaging the shoulder (he actually paid little attention to my exact area of pain). 

Afterward, taking his advice to drink lots of water and relax the arm for a few days, I have had five weeks of painless musical performance using only the stretching techniques he recommended and retraining my posture (and no OTC pain relievers). Whatever he did to my shoulder and back released the tension in my forearm and wrist, and he actually healed my tendonitis! He also provided me with preventative techniques, so I am better prepared to play. I thought my performing days were endangered, but Giuseppe ensured that I will rock on for years to come! I recommend Giuseppe without hesitation, as a receptive, empathetic, and informative massage therapist.
—John O’Toole, Providence, RI

My back muscles were tight and my lower back was hurting, so I went to see Giuseppe to help me relax. After the massage, not only was my back pain gone, but I was pleasantly surprised by the added benefits of “feeling good all around.” I felt good about taking the time to take care of my body. Even more, I walked out with a serene smile on my face that lasted for hours—Grazie!
—Isabel C. Diaz, Providence, RI